"What’s so amazing about Nina’s group meditations is not only the warm, safe energy felt when entering the room, but the unpredictability of the meditations themselves.  I never know what I’m going to discover through her guidance, and I see myself and the world differently after each new experience."


"Nina has taken me away to distant planets and foreign shores with her meditations. She embodies goddess archetypes to guide you through your own spiritual process and unconscious landscape, which brings up remarkable gifts you may not have known you were carrying around with you.
I'm so thankful to have found Nina and her meditations. She is a lovely, grounded and comforting presence to share space with and she provides a truly transformative experience via her meditations if your heart is open and ready for change."

~Jacqueline Gabardy, L.Ac.~

"Over the past year I’ve decided to bring some spiritual practice back into my life. I knew Nina offered her guided meditations and had heard nothing but positive joy about them, My first meditation was a revelation, I felt so calm and tranquil, I felt a new sense of connection to myself and my soul. Over the next few full-moon meditations I came to have a better understanding of the love and serenity I wish to carry with myself and help bring into the world. Being in the room with everyone, feeling that love radiate, knowing we’re all together to be at peace is truly wonderful. I cannot say enough how much I look forward to these mediations, whether we’re starting the new year working with the goddess Ostara on new beginnings or  working with Queen Maeve on our own joy and power. Circle Gathering has been such a blessing to have in my life, Nina is masterful at leading guided meditations and I am always excited for the next one to be announced."


"I've had the pleasure of participating in Circle Gatherings for over a year. When I look at my life today, so much of what I love can be linked directly to the work I've done with Nina. As someone who finds meditation often challenging and sometimes scary, Nina has been a source of joy and lightness that has carried me through both pain and fortune."

~C. Anderson~

"I loved my Goddess session with Nina so much. She was able to help me find a daily ritual to help me actually feel safer in the world. Another amazing thing that happened was that I was literally GLOWING for a while after. If I caught myself in a mirror, I had to look again because I noticed so much light looking back at me. This coming from someone whose tendency is to avoid reflective surfaces if at all possible. Some might say the real me was feeling safe to be seen and to show up in life. I still use the practices she taught me whenever I need more support from myself. Nina works high priestess magic. I am so grateful."


"I spent years thinking I was bad at meditation and that I always would be. Nina's honesty, love, and sparkling intuition allowed me to release my old ideas about myself and what my spiritual practice could and should be. I bring my partner, my mother, my best friends, my co-workers to Circle Gatherings and we all get to joyfully, and without judgement, connect with each other and with ourselves in a way that I never knew possible. I'm not a different person because of Nina: I am a version of myself I always hoped I could be but was too afraid to. And I'm giddy thinking about how I will continue to blossom the more we work together."

~ Caroline~